Monday, November 09, 2015

Vacation Pictures: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh

Hello, people. Hope you're enjoying a short Diwali week (if you are in India).

The Guy and I visited my mother in Assam last month, and drove down to Bhalukpong on the Arunachal Pradesh border. It was amazing (and quite cheap).

Here have some photos.

The drive itself was lovely. We left late because I wasn't well in the morning, and were afraid we wouldn't reach by sundown. We made it just at dusk, after driving for a while under orange clouds in a blue sky.

We were pleasantly surprised at how pretty the place was.

We had two large cottages to ourselves. (That's me in one. The Guy is taking the picture from the other cottage.)

We also went to the orchidarium. However, it was not the right season for orchids. We saw a magnificent butterfly, though it wafted off before we could take a picture.

The Guy and I duly bowed.

Our resort itself had flowers and butterflies.

The Guy kindly allowed me to share this fantastic picture (above). We were on a little island in the middle of the river.

What river? Here you have the lovely Kameng.

We spent a most wonderful morning here.

Look how clear the water is.

On our last evening there, we saw this magnificent sunset right from the cottage verandah.

And as we left the next morning, the clouds came down to say goodbye.

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