Thursday, February 05, 2015

Day 36 of Feminist Joys: Queering the World

In this country where gay people aren't supposed to exist, sometimes I like to imagine that most people on the street are gay.

The dude on the bike without a helmet on? Racing to his date with his new boyfriend.

The woman walking alone with a dupatta over her head and a phone in her hands? Texting her lover that she'll be there soon.

The two young women holding on to each other as they cross the street? Have been in a long-term relationship where excitement has given way to comfort.

The woman trudging home with a heavy bag? A lovely woman is waiting at home and will give her hot tea and a shoulder rub when she steps in the door.

The four middle-aged men in the car? All gay.

The kid crossing the street with his parents? Baby gay.

I'm in a much better mood by the time I get home.

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