Monday, February 17, 2014

Friends and Lovers

I want us to be friends and lovers again.
I want to be young
and stay up all night talking
and laugh like there's no tomorrow.
I want to stop worrying about tomorrow.
I want us to forget the world
when we're together.
Not talk about work, and offer advice,
or other relationships, and offer advice
but hold on to each other
like nothing else exists.
 Because it doesn't.
I want us to not look at each other
and see failure
or potential.
I want us to not remember
our constraints, our weaknesses.
I want to be friends and lovers again
spend hours and days and weeks
urgently discovering each other
like we don't have a lifetime ahead of us.
I want us to not encourage each other to be better
to try harder
but to tempt each other
into playfulness, indulgence, pleasure.
Not that we ever did much of this
but we can start now.

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