Sunday, January 05, 2014

Impressions of Bombay

I have been neglecting this blog, been too busy with moving to a new city, starting a new job, and mourning for a dead business. But while I haven't had the time to put together a 'proper' post, I didn't want to let more time go by before posting here.

I am loving Bombay so far. After eight years in Pune, the shift has been surprisingly easy. Of course, this is a good season to be in Bombay, and while I have had a bad cold for a couple of weeks, I have been enjoying the cool breezes and the mild sun. I work in South Bombay and live nearby, and I love this part of the city. The old buildings, the wide road, the sea so nearby, the interesting events and shops and places.

Here are some thoughts and some photos. Have a very happy new year, you all.

This year, I'm hoping for some peace and fun. I want to take it easy, to stop feeling guilty about not doing enough and just enjoy the moment. Wish you the same, if that's what you want, or more excitement and achievement if that's what you're game for.

A walk on Marine Drive...

And good food. What more could I wish for from a weekend?

I posted this on Facebook two days before Christmas:
I'd never really celebrated Christmas before.

My office had an unofficial Secret Santa exchange. More than the actual gifts, the planning and intrigue was great fun.

This morning, I left a card with a 'poem' for a lovely coworker who celebrates Christmas, and it was great to see an even-wider-than-usual grin on her face.

The office is all decked up now -- a full sized tree, and lots of fairy lights lit as I left this evening, and more tasteful decor up on my foster floor (my technical floor bein separate, but there too I got offered Christmas cake).

Vendors are gifting us desserts. The Guy gets my share, as my team refuses to divvy up mine (which I can't eat) and sends them home for him (a benefit of being the Spouse Who Cooks, I suspect).

And best of all, an old friend is visiting tomorrow, since she has some hours between flights. 

Merry Christmas, you all, whether you celebrate or not. I don't, and yet I am.

Other short posts on Bombay:

Unmana Datta
November 25, 2013 getting used to the sound of trains, the smell of fish, and the ubiquitous taxis.

My taxiwallah today treated the neighboring taxiwallah at a red light to a long lecture, touching upon stuffing too many people into a cab, not making sure the doors are shut properly, and 'rishwatkhor police.' 

God, I love Bombay.

My new office gave me a great gift on New Year's Day; a spanking new work laptop, with -- what's probably most important -- Office 2013. It's only been one day, but I love the new Word fiercely.

Just saw two traffic cops help push a stalled car uphill. This city is amazing.

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