Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mumbai Protests Against Section #377

So, I've meant to tell you for a while that I've moved to Bombay. I've been writing the post in my head but haven't gone down to actually writing it here, and this is an awkward time to tell you, because how can I tell you that I was at the Mumbai protests without telling you I live here now?

Anyway. It was my first time at any kind of protest, and I'm glad I got off my butt and went. Because it's awful, what happened. Because I need to show my support, even though I went by myself and didn't know anyone there, I showed up, and I feel slightly less ashamed of myself. 377 doesn't criminalize me, but that doesn't mean I support it.

I found it both uplifting and heartbreaking. Everyone seemed cheerful, like they were out on a lark with friends. Even the slogans were shouted in happy loud voices. There was laughter and hugging and conversation.

And it is so unfair that these people are deemed criminals.

We're all standing under the rainbow flag.

There were lots of cool signs in evidence, but I have two favorite ones. One was a simple

which I loved as a response to the statement that LGBT people are but a miniscule minority in India. That was what had made me most angry: both the invisibling of queer people -- not a miniscule minority -- and the implication that injustice to a few -- injustice sanctioned by the law -- doesn't matter.
I also loved this simple proclamation of support carried by a middle-aged man:
Which I guess is what I'm trying to be too. Not narrow.

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