Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mid-Week Reads: Journalism and Crime

How two newspaper reporters helped free an innocent man after he was in prison for 20 years: this moving story illustrates just how flawed justice systems can be, and how confessions are often not an indicator of guilt.

I also read this thrilling true crime story of a 50-year-old kidnapping case. I was very dissatisfied though with both the ending and the way the writers insinuate that the case isn't yet solved, that the kidnapper/murderer isn't found. Based on the evidence offered, I don't agree. The convicted murderer seems the most likely person to have done it.

And these two heroes -- one of them just 12 years old -- helped the police find the rapists in the recent Mumbai case.

The first two are long reads, so I'll leave you to it!

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