Monday, September 30, 2013


Maybe I'm feeling especially emotional this morning, because of various things -- it was my birthday recently and the Guy and I had a wonderful weekend, including dinner at home with a few great friends (a wonderful cozy little dinner where the Guy cooked almost everything), our wedding anniversary is coming up -- seven years! -- and we've been talking over our relationship and how it all happened and how lucky we were for the last few weeks. But anyway, I read this post on proposals and weddings by Melissa McEwan (who is probably my favorite blogger ever) and when I got to this line, I wanted to cry:
To love someone is an infinite action, not any single gesture. No matter how grand.
That resonates with me so much, not because of how I love as much because of how I've been loved. I wrote this nearly seven years ago, and time has solidified my experience.

There was a time when I longed for a grand gesture. Well, not very grand -- a surprise gift on my birthday, planning an amazing vacation, stuff like that. It took my first birthday with the Guy to realize I wasn't getting that.

The Guy isn't a man of grand gestures, and I don't really care. Like I once explained to a friend when we were arguing over romance -- he shows me he loves me every single day. Nearly every day, he cooks for me, without my asking, even though he knows I'll cook if he doesn't. Often, he does this several times a day. He gets up early to fill the water bottles. He kisses and hugs me and tells me he loves me every single day. He listens to me, he makes me laugh, he seeks out my company.

I was the one who wanted to foster a dog, but he let me sleep at night while he stayed up with her, and took her for walks so I wouldn't have to. He asks me how I am every morning. He reads books I want him to so we can discuss them together.

I have been so incredibly lucky.

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