Tuesday, July 02, 2013

How I Love Blogging

So we just started another blog: a place where we write about what we're doing as a team.

When Virendra suggested it, I sighed inwardly. One more blog? I'm already being almost absent here, I have a business blog to manage, and I'm trying to increase my guest posting on other sites. I can't seem to manage all of this well enough. One more blog?

Okay, I said. But no deadlines. And you manage it.

But you know what? I wrote three posts. In a couple of hours. And it didn't feel like work at all.

And I remembered how much I used to enjoy blogging, just writing about what I'm doing or feeling without worrying if anyone's reading it (until it's posted, when I worry about why no one's commented yet).

One reason I haven't been writing much here is because I don't have much of a personal life anymore. Since we started Markitty, and at least in the last eight months, almost all I've done is work. We've had a bit of travel lately, and some fun times with friends, but every weekend doesn't mean relaxation and fun like it used to. Also, some of my friends have moved away and the rest are busy (and I've become such a bore myself since I don't have much to talk about), so I'm not going out as much. I haven't watched a movie in the theatre since November. I haven't gone to a concert or anything apart from a business event in forever.

I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying work and I knew this was what I'd signed up for. But it explains why I haven't been writing here much: I don't have much to say. I have been reading a lot to relax, but writing a review seems like work.

But now that I've remembered how much I enjoy blogging, I'll try to be more regular. Don't go away, will you?

And if you want to know what we're doing at work, follow markittyblog.tumblr.com :)

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