Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mid-Week Reads: Mostly About "Of Mothers and Others"

Feel better about your caffeine addiction: seven reasons why coffee is good for you.

And now for self-promotion! I interviewed the amazing Ann Handley of Marketing Profs
I reviewed Of Mothers and Others on Women's Web: it's a collection of writing -- essays, stories, poems -- about motherhood. I quite liked it, though of course as in any collection, I liked some pieces better than others.

I especially enjoyed the pieces by Jai Arjun Singh (even though he didn't bribe me this time!), Smriti Lamech (though she's also a friend), Anita Roy, and Sarita Mandanna. But most of all, I liked Andromeda Nebula’s ‘Blankets in the Sky’: the writing, the story... it just blew me away.

(If you're in Pune and want the book, I can send it to you.)

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