Monday, February 18, 2013

Making A Friend Is Like Falling in Love

Making a friend is like falling in love
The same heady feeling of enjoying the other's company
Finding time fly by when you talk
Looking forward to meeting again.

The tentative overtures
The anxious watching for signs
And the relief, the joy, when you realize
She feels the same way.

The realization of how lucky you are
To have found her.
That no other relationship you have
is quite like this.
The fear that it's too soon
That you might be mistaken
That something might yet go wrong
That persists, despite everything.

The eagerness to trust
Even while you wonder if you're being wise
The desire to immerse yourself
And be swept away.

Falling in love is like making a friend too.
The discovery that this, this person
Gets you in a way no one else does
And this is the best company you could ever have.

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