Thursday, January 17, 2013

Books I've Read (and Loved) Lately -- Mostly Romances and Mysteries

I much enjoyed The Fabulous Feminist, which I reviewed for Women's Web. It was extremely fun, especially for this tiny story, which leaves me smiling and wincing each time I read it:
The Incredible Woman raged through the skies, lassoed a planet, set it in orbit, rescued a starship, flattened a mountain, straightened a building, smiled at a child, caught a few thieves, all in one morning, and then, took a long time off to visit her psychiatrist, since she is at heart a really womanly woman and all she wants is a normal life.
I downloaded In Search of a Love Story* because the Kindle book was free (isn't anymore -- sorry!) and I wanted something light to read that I didn't have to pay for. But this is one of those rare romance books that work really well. The heroine is a believable, likeable person, and while romance is a big part of the story, it wasn't the only part. There are several friendships, especially one best friend that made me wish I had someone like that, a father-daughter relationship that's beautiful but not perfect, and many well-etched peripheral characters, including the heroine's clients and her boss. Read it if you like romances.

I got the Commission: A Sam Kincaid Mystery* for the same reason -- it's still free, so download it fast! This was a fun mystery and made for a few hours of light reading. Not the best I've ever read, but hey, it was free.

Wait for Me* was another free romance novel (not free anymore, but only around Rs. 50). It wasn't nearly as good as the previous one, and it had some overwrought mystery/thriller elements mixed in, but I found it curiously hard to put down. The hero is the typical arrogant rich romance hero, but the heroine is nice. Best of all, though the heroine gets herself in dangerous situations (apparently survives a plane crash before the novel actually starts, gets in a car crash with her child, and more), not once does the hero show up to rescue her. In fact, she manages to rescue herself.

Indemnity Only* was my second Sara Paretsky novel, and I liked it even better than my first. V. I. Warshawski is such a satisfying detective, and this novel skirts comfortable between insurance executives and idealistic students, with descriptions of the University of Chicago that made me want to visit. The heroine is so satisfyingly tough, and so human and likeable despite not being very feminine or wanting much romance in her life.

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