Monday, November 12, 2012

What I've Been Reading: Romance and Fantasy

Here's what I've been reading recently:

American Gods,* which I loved. It has lots of gods from different mythologies, most as nasty and unpredictable as ever. It was disappointing to realize how much Percy Jackson is inspired from this, but if you've read that one, this is just like it, but for adults. If you like fantasy, try it.

Oryx and Crake, which is the Atwood novel I liked least of all I've read. It's good and I read through it in about a day, but I found it a little.. oh, I don't know unconvincing and disappointing. The most significant event in the book isn't even explained, only described, and while I guess that was supposed to make this more awful, it added to the disappointment for me. (I grew up reading Agatha Christies -- I want all mysteries in any works of fiction tied up neatly into a bow at the end.)

Sylvester and the other Georgette Heyer below I read yesterday. I actually stayed in bed most of the day reading -- the very definition of a lazy Sunday. And Georgette Heyer's perfect for slow days or sick days. Her heroines are usually interesting -- it's her heroes who are not so nice! Sylvester is better than most, being like Mr Darcy, only more arrogant and cold. The problem I usually have with Georgette Heyer romances is even though they always have a "happy ending" I have my reservations -- okay, Phoebe agrees to marry Sylvester at the end but given that she has no family who's willing to love her and support her and no other man who's interested, what option did she have? (Oops, spoiler there. But well, it's a romance -- of course she marries the rich older guy.)

The Talisman Ring is more fun in some ways. Sarah Thane is the typical kind of Heyer heroine -- an "old maid" (older than twenty, that is) with a sense of humor and capable of dealing with most exigencies. There's some action in here too, and another couple in love, and a lot of absurdities. Very fun, even when the end is never in doubt.

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