Friday, November 09, 2012

Stuff I Love: Green Tokri

In this series, I'll tell you about products and services I love. I'm not paid to review these or anything: it's just stuff I've used and has been useful/entertaining/whatever to me and I think you might want to try it too.

This is only available to folks in Pune, but oh, how much I love Green Tokri. Fresh farm food delivered to your doorstep -- what's not to love?

And yes, it really is fresh. Fresher than what you get in stores -- and much of the salad greens and herbs in big stores is from Green Tokri anyway.

The website mostly just talks about salad greens, but they have more than that -- mushrooms, broccoli (often out of stock, unfortunately, but since the Guy and I both love (yes, really, love) broccoli it's awesome when it's available), red or yellow or other weirdly-colored peppers, French beans, cherry tomatoes, and so on. We usually order a bag of greens, one or two bags of mushrooms (they usually have two varieties), peppers -- all of which go into a salad or a sauté-d vegetable dish*, and beans to cook fried rice with.

They also have dressings and jams and stuff -- I especially love the basil pesto, and the Guy swears by their strawberry jam.

Also, their delivery people are very pleasant. It used to be a problem getting stuff delivered when both of us were in office that day or something, and once or twice, the Green Tokri guy called me when I wasn't at home and agreed to drop off stuff at my doorstep and collect the payment next week.

Anyway, if you're in Pune and haven't tried it yet, you should! If you have, what do you think of them?

*I'd show you a picture, only I'm always too busy digging my face into the plate to take one.

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