Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Penis Roth

I loved this article about Phillip Roth and his penis-focused fiction (Penis Roth?) -- I've tried reading a couple of his books but have given up. Life's too short to read boring non-erotic stories about the penises of fictional men.

The previous article also reminded me of this satirical piece by Jezebel on men's writing.

I wonder how many friends this new-parent couple has, and how many they lost by demanding their friends perform difficult chores for them.

I liked this post on Women's Web about the prejudice against dark skin, especially when it comes to marriage!

Lastly, this delicious short story. (via requireshate)

Happy Diwali, you all! Take some time off from reading about dicks to spill oil over your new clothes or stop that candle from burning up your houseplant!

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