Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rice Fields, Lakes and Hills: Views of Assam

The rice fields, the trees and the hills. See, people? This is why I miss Assam.

Rice fields in Assam

There's water everywhere--ponds next to most houses outside of the cities, rivers, lakes, swamps... We saw views like this as we drove down to the town where my mother grew up and the village where she was born.

A Beel in Assam

We saw nets strung out for fishing.

Since there are ponds, ergo, ducks. The Guy found this very interesting, since he grew up in dry Gujarat.

Ducks in a pond

The lake near my uncle's house (that used to be my grandparents') in the village. We're walking down to it in procession: that's me at the end, with my mom, a cousin and an uncle ahead. The Guy brings up the rear with the camera.

Walking down to the lake

And the lake.

The lake

On our way back, we passed swamps with water hyacinths blooming.

Take a closer look.

Water hyacinths

That bridge doesn't look too safe, especially with the man's burdens. My mother says that's the kind of bridge she had to go over to get to school.

Women looking for fish or edible plants or something.

One of them happily posed for us.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures :) and just came in to tell you that missed your mid week reads this week :) hope you are having fun

Unmana said...

Thank you! Not having much fun because it's hot and the power goes off for an hour, after every half hour. Worst vacation ever.

But the Guy gets here today, so things are looking up!

Babita said...

i really miss these things..tired of Q ing every place and seeing the traffic/people in bangalore... On top of that everywhere only apartments ..

Rahmath said...

The paddy fields and the water hyacith reminded me of my own native place in Tamil Nadu. The paddy fields look like sheets of green velvet , don't they? Awesome pics. Feel almost envious of you :)

~G said...

WOW! Just wow. I know where I am going in my next vacation. Going to use these posts as references for then.

Unmana said...

Babita: Ah, but I lived in Guwahati most of my life, so I'm no stranger to crowds. Diphu was awesome, though.

Rahmath: Thanks for commenting! Green velvet and water hyacinths--now that's a comparison!

G: Okay. Hit me up for details.