Friday, May 04, 2012

Photos of Shillong

The photos here and in the next couple of posts are from 2006, when the Guy and I visited Assam together for the first time. One of the days, we hired a driver and took off to Shillong.

The way there was green and lovely too, but the narrow roads and abundance of vehicles, especially trucks, made it a little less fun.

On the way to Shillong

A little before Shillong, you reach Borapani lake. That's me posing next to it. Witness the long (hip-length, though you can't see it) hair, the trim figure, the ugly shoes. Gone, all gone.

Borapani Lake near Shillong

That's me again, standing next to the Elephant Falls.

Elephant Falls

That's how clear the water was.

Clear water at Elephant Falls

Little Elephant Also Falls. (That's the Guy, of course. If you don't think it's funny--like every other person I related the joke to--I guess you had to be there.)

Little Elephant Also Falls

At Shillong Peak. We couldn't fit the trees and me into the picture at the same time. (Where's the peak? Oh, it was in front of me, so you don't get to see it. Sad.)

Shillong Peak

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