Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The Magnificent Brahmaputra

One of the sights I was most eager to show the Guy on our first visit nearly six years ago was the sunset on the Brahmaputra.

We went down there late in the afternoon and walked up and down the road next to the river, taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Sand bars on the Brahmaputra

Once the monsoons end, the waters usually recede, leaving sandy banks. Unfortunately, these are always filthy (the ones in Guwahati, that is).

Sandy banks of the Brahmaputra in Guwahati

I love the view of the island, Umananda, and the hills on the far side.

Umananda on the Brahmaputra

There's a park by the river I used to go to nearly every day when I lived nearby. It's a great place to just sit and watch the vast waters and the sky.

Tree by the Brahmaputra

View of the Brahmaputra from the Dolphin Park

View of the Brahmaputra

You can sit on a bench under a tree and watch the river go by. This was a regular haunt of mine when I was in college and lived nearby. Most afternoons, unless I had late classes, I would grab a friend and head down to the river and watch the sun go down.

View of the Brahmaputra from Dolphin Park

It's only a quarter past four when the sun approaches the water.

A lone boat makes its way along the calm waters.

A Boat Going up the Brahmaputra

It's only four-thirty, but it's time to watch the sun set.

Sun over the Brahmaputra

Everything is flooded in bright orange light.

The sun sets.

Sunset on the Brahmaputra

And light begins to fade.

But there's still time for one last gasp of wonder.

Sunset on the Brahmaputra

The Brahmaputra at dusk

The crows settle in, and a faint moon appears. It's time to go home.

Tree with crows, in Guwahati


Pallavi Sharma said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, and wow! Sunset at 4:30? Heading to a river bank every evening after classes? Sigh! I ENVY you, woman!

Neha Tyagi said...

Wow unmana....such a magnificent description of a daily regular phenomenon....amazin....cheers...

Gunjan said...

omg! I am more jealous of you now. You've grown up in such a lovely place. And where is the filth on the banks, I couldnt see any? You should visit the chowpattys in bombay :D

Unmana said...

Thank you all. Funny coincidence: I was there today! We couldn't stay till sunset, though.

G: Not grown up: I only lived near the river for a couple of years. But yeah, I grew up in Guwahati, mostly.