Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: the Sleepy Edition

 More from Sheryl Sandberg:
“Women in the U.S. became 50 percent of college graduates in 1981,” Sandberg, 42, said at the Women in the World conference in New York. “In every industry, women have steadily made progress in the past 30 years except at the top, where, essentially, over the last 10 years, there hasn’t been progress."
And I so totally agree with what she says here (and have been known to say the same thing).
"The most important thing — and I've said it a hundred times and I'll say it a hundred times — if you marry a man, marry the right one. If you can marry a woman, that's better because the split between two women in the home is pretty even, the data shows."
I loved this article on living alone.

"My vagina isn’t happy about what’s been happening recently in Indian media."

"James Cameron is a 15-year-old girl." BEST review of Titanic ever. (Says someone who hasn't seen the whole movie. And refuses to.)

Apparently, I'm not a freak. You all also need eight hours of sleep a day: most of those who don't sleep that much are chronically sleep-deprived. So there.

And here are some tips on getting sleep. Now go to bed (unless of course, you're reading this tomorrow and are at work).

For those who saw this earlier, apologies. Blogger had trouble scheduling this post.

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