Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid-Week Reads: Heroes, Cat and Human

I usually confine these posts to positive stories, and the death of journalist Marie Colvin in Syria is sad, but she seems so awesome and I'd never heard of her before, and I wanted you to know too.

This made me go awwww. See, Guy, THIS is why we should get a cat. 

Have you, like me, never read Twilight because you were turned off by what you heard of the books? Or are  you, maybe, a big fan? I'm not so sure about the second, but if you're in the first group, you might enjoy (as in, burst out laughing at) this series of summaries and comments on the Twilight books.

Following on last week's Cosmocking, I have a whole lot of Cosmocking for you. Let's start here:
Tell him you recognize that she's a siren, and if you had an attractive coworker who was that intent on seducing you, you're not sure you'd trust yourself alone with him.
But... I would. I mean, I'm with me all the time. I don't so much as scratch my nose without my permission. It's not like I'm going to sneak off and do something I don't approve of.

And I had to include this because it reminded me of my post, but is much better done.
Maybe with enough education, they'll finally realize that words have specific meanings, so you can't just orangutan brownie woodchip.
From here:
Any displays of excitement (or disappointment, for that matter) can confuse male coworkers. Since they have difficulty processing feelings and logic at the same time, they don't get that we're able to show both.
It's like the writer never met a man. Or read any work of fiction or nonfiction created by a man.
Also from here:

It's amazing the work a woman has to put into not being a man, considering how she wasn't a man in the first place.
From another post:
What is it with the not-talking?  How can you have an entire relationship that way?  What does a relationship even mean in this universe--the person you silently stand next to most often?  Why does it matter if you do that exclusively?  If you can't even ask your boyfriend if he is your boyfriend, what chance in hell do you have of asking actually difficult things?
After the Gender Wars Of A Few Weeks Ago, I kind of came to a conclusion with a friend; femininity and masculinity are things to be practiced as consensual kinks.  If being feminine is your desire, your kink is okay!  But if being feminine is something you go along with grudgingly, then it's no longer truly consensual.  And if it's something you do only because you've been told that your natural lips are unacceptably unshiny--well, that's nowhere near what enthusiastic consent should be.
A last one, I promise:
"I like a woman who doesn't necessarily care if other people like her."
Do you think she gives a damn what you like?
. . .
Now the guessing game is over. We polled thousands of guys to learn exactly which turn them on and which tank.
And if I wanted to have sex with a homunculus created from the average preferences of several thousand guys, this would be really fucking useful!

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