Friday, December 09, 2011

Why Do Some Websites Suck?

Have you noticed a stock photo in a business website you're looking at, in which everyone seems young, well-dressed, cheerful, thin and white? And then looked more carefully at the business to make sure they're only in India. Yeah, they have U.S. or European customers, maybe, but who are those people supposed to be? Customers visiting the office? (And of course, usually that's up on the careers or "our offices" page.)

But that's merely amusing. What's really annoying is automated music, too-small text, and not enough information--what does this company do?

I write about these and other reasons websites suck at the company blog. Check it out.

And tell me: what do you hate about business websites?


Anonymous said...

Ohh!! You touched a chord here.
I remember, when in my company a long time back, the company's website was revamped to give it an 'international' feel. Us employees weren't pleased that ALL the screens showed white people. Where were the Indians? When questioned, we got the regular spiel about portraying international standards and all that jazz, never mind that the company was purely Indian in nature, locally based in Pune.
I still don't like my company's website....just because it seems to hide us Indians under the rug...we do all the work, but are not worthy of appearing on the home page for the company we work for.
Humiliating, it is!!

~G said...

Oh good you brought that up. I too have a problem with white faces all over. Openly shows our attitude to suck up to the white skinned. Among other things, I don't like it when the contact us page doesn't work or is under construction. I mean, that one page has to have some info about you man, it cannot be empty. Who are you? Mr India?

Unmana said...

Momofrs: Whiteness isn't an international standard. That's all.

G: You and momofrs win the prize for best commenters of the week! "Who are you, Mr India?" Priceless.