Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Mid-Week Reads

Babies and Gender and Family Values

I defy you to not have these pictures--especially the first one--make you go "Awwwww!" And to make you further jealous, I got to play with these yummy little ones too.

The letter here isn't interesting (just illustrative), but this assessment resonated with me (as it probably will with any blogger expressing feminist views):
"Half (or more) of the letters I get from dipfucks like this are patently nothing more than disgruntled misogynists shouting impotently at the first feminist across whom they've stumbled, without the merest regard for the reality that the double standards of which they accuse me are the narratives of the Patriarchy, not of its critics."
Yeah, to hell with family values. 

Work and Social Media

What, you don't see the link between work and social media? Oh, right, you aren't in marketing.

Are You Torn Between Different Creative Ambitions?

How Facebook is akin to antique courtship rituals.

Social fundraising, and how you can raise 6 times as much money by asking online. I for one am not surprised. I had posted an appeal here a couple of years ago and got immediate, generous responses. I wouldn't ask a real-life friend though--that would just be awkward.

And last, a plug for my post: I've been told by a few people that this is good, so I thought you'd like to see it too--6 kinds of funny resumes that you don't want yours to be like.


Pallavi Sharma said...

Aww, Unmana, thanks for sharing the link! I hope the hits help / the killer looks work on someone before I get killed with all the susu-mopping ;-)

~G said...

Lol. Loved the baby post by medium boss.