Sunday, May 01, 2011

Summer Heat

The heat is like a third person in the room
Making us shift uncomfortably in our chairs
We can’t have a private conversation
Just you and me.

We glance at our books, and the tv
And wish the time would pass quickly
Till its bed time and we can move
To our air-conditioned bedroom. 

The heat is overwhelming. It seeps into everything. The chairs feel warm through my clothes when I sit on them. The sheets are too warm to sleep on. Even the floor, when my bare foot touches it, greets me with warmth.
I sweat incessantly. I think of showering, but what’s the point? I’ll feel the same fifteen minutes after I’m done.
I am surprised that everything hasn’t grinded to a halt. That things go on as usual. Don’t they feel the heat, those people in the buses and the cars and the bikes and walking along the street? How can they talk in this heat, and cook, and work, and make love?
How long will it take for the summer to pass by? If I just sit here in my room, doing nothing for long enough, will it have ended by the time I open my window again?


Unmana said...

Yeah, that's how much I hate this weather. I can't wait for the rains, for my city to become beautiful and green again, for the breeze to welcome me with an embrace when I step outdoors.

Chicu said...

ai the heat, yes. Was out yesterday afternoon, and practically withered. Thankfully, a friend and I had decided to meet under a bakul tree. The difference in temp was amazing! Find yourself a friendly tree with a thick canopy, read a good book.

Unmana said...

chicu: Trees are awesome. Unfortunately we live on the top floor in a less green, so the sun takes delight in turning the flat into an oven. We sat at Sweet Chariot last night, and the breeze was so lovely I didn't want to come home.

Anita said...

:) Had I read this yesterday, I would have added 'How can taxi drivers still keep the plastic wrapping on their seats, knowing dribulets of sweat run down the legs of the passengers who take a ride'

Unmana said...

Anita: Maybe it's to keep sweat from soiling his seats!

Obelix D said...

it's 43 deg C and climbing here and my hostel room is on the top floor. and the wind starts blowing around midnight.

dipali said...

Sounds horrid:( Pune wasn't supposed to be this hot, even a few years ago coolers were effective and air conditioners not really required:(
Kolkata is not yet as scorching/melting as it can get.

Unmana said...

Obelix: Where do you live? I've done 45 degrees in Delhi. Even was out on the streets walking and using public transport through some of it. But it didn't make me any more immune.

Dipali: For one, we live on the top floor. For another, yeah, Pune's got bigger and more "developed" and hotter. Some areas have lots of trees and are nicer: ours unfortunately isn't.

Anonymous said...

I'm braving the heat, for one :)
Was out shopping Saturday and Monday, from 12 to 3 in the afternoon.
I survived :D
Frankly, the only thing that is favorable this summer is the addition of humidity to the heat. Sure, its hotter, but the moisture in the air makes the heat bearable. We sweat buckets, but if you go out in the sun, the skin doesn't burn to a cinder (which was the case until last year)
Even after two days in the sun, I didn't suffer a heat-stroke, which was a regular case earlier.
Anyway, its just a few weeks more.
Then Monsooooooon!!!

Unmana said...

MomofRS: I do think it's slightly better this year, but thought I felt that way because I have a five-minute commute to office now! And yeah, the monsoon could come tomorrow and wouldn't be too early for me.