Monday, August 02, 2010

Pay Me!

So, all those who said you like how the story of Miki is unfolding, and especially those who think you'd buy it if it was a book in a store, this post is for you. Here is how you can pay me. 
  1. Tell others. Email your friends. Put up a link on Facebook. Write a blog post. Tweet. Put up a link on your blog. Tell others about this story and let them come and be a part of it unfolding. Here's the link (newest chapter on top):
  2. Help me improve. Write a comment, telling me what worked for you and what didn't. Especially what didn't. Tell me what you think of Miki, of Raghav, of Divya, of Vikram (more about Vikram and Divya later). Help me become a better writer, and maybe I'll write a better story. 
  3. Are you good at graphic design? Create a button that I (and others, if they want to) can put up on my sidebar. Make an illustration that will go with the story. Make a t-shirt design, if you like! (The Guy has been saying he wants a t-shirt. I told him to make one. Let's see what comes of that.)
Do any of the above. Do all. Hell, do none if you don't want to (I know I would probably be too lazy to do any). Just keep on reading. 

But if you really like this story and want a way to pay me for it - now you have it. 


Sunita said...

Sure, That gives me a reason to post now.
You could add a next & back links or chapter links to your posts, that way it would be easy to navigate from the begining of the story

Love the way you tell it.

manisha sharma said...

hey , nice blog , like it ,
won't be nice if i u can clickover to my blog page too ,
& post some suggestion

Unmana said...

Sunita: Hey, thank you! I'm glad this post motivated you to comment! And chapter links is a great idea... let me see how best to put that up.

monisha mehta: Nice template, but no posts?

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, I've written a post on my blog about your novel (

I got a couple of calls from friends who said they're pleasantly surprised at the wonderful way the story is written.

Keep up the good job :)

Unmana said...

momofrs: Thank you! This is very kind of you.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Paid, ma'm (maybe not in full!) :)

Pravesh Biyani said...

I loved to comment, but I saw that you only like those comments who support you and praise you, not those who differ from you. Any thoughts?

Pravesh Biyani said...

btw Unmana,

if you want to publish this, my ex colleagues have this startup

You can go there and publish yourself.

the mad momma said...

done ma'am. paid up. this has been a blast. dont stop now.

Subhashree said...

Done. :)

Monika said...

loving the story and i have paid too, tweeted and posted it on FB :)

Venus said...

have been glued to your chapters! have actually recomended to many... and yes I would have loved picking up a book like this! as u said, miki is actually one of us! ;)