Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Bunch of Links

Hello, there. How are you doing?

I wanted to point you out to some things you might like. 

First, Chicu's blog. I've recommended it before in the comments, but I can't recommend it enough. Her prose is beautiful, her pictures breathtaking. Go to Uttarakhand and I and see for yourself. She's an "atheist in the land of the gods".

Aparna, my friend and co-founder of Friends of Children, has also been posting regularly since she started her sabbatical. I love her latest post. 

While you're at it, try out Red's blog. It's new, and it's nice. 

And the best thing I've seen all week is this video that tells you "How to Be Alone". I too wish I had known this much earlier: but it's not too late yet. Some things I love doing alone: reading (duh!) quite alone in an empty house, stretching my legs out on the sofa. Going to the bookstore, because anyone I go with (usually the Guy, and once, the Mom) always loses patience while I sit with a loaded basket of books and look through them; I prefer going alone, and finishing a graphic novel and maybe a couple of short stories while I am there. Working: alone at home with the laptop on my knees and taking my own pace working down my long list of tasks; making myself a cup of coffee or a quick lunch when I need sustenance; walking out to the balcony and watering the plants when I need a break; and, if I'm lucky, looking out of the window at the rain. 

Now that the Guy is away (again!) I will be alone more. I'll drive down to the big store to pick out groceries, and maybe I will go the cafe all by myself and have a big cup of latté. 


Aparna said...
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Aparna said...

Glad you liked the post. About the other link, I agree that alone does not mean lonely. In fact I had written about it early on at Alone but not lonely

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. It's always nice to be pointed out to blogs one doesn't know. I do read Chicu's blog, from an earlier post by you.

All of us do need to be alone now and then, if nothing else, but to look out of the window.

Unmana said...

Aparna: Yes, I liked that post too.

Banno: Yes! Looking out of the window is SO important. I did that a lot when I was on my "sabbatical". But now that I'm back and busy with work again, even when I'm working from home I look out for like two seconds before looking back into my screen. I need to get that back, to learn how to relax and just be alone with my thoughts again.