Friday, January 08, 2010

Why Do You Come Here?

No, really. Why?

I don't have anything brilliant to say. Sometimes I wonder if I have anything to say at all. (Though I confess, sometimes I do feel like I have so much to say I'll never get done: but I haven't felt that way for many days now.)

So why do you come back? Which label do you read the most? What is it that you like? (All of you who haven't come here by accident searching for dirty pictures or something.)

Do you want me to keep talking? What about?


Doli said...

I like your posts esp ones about Friends of India thing that you do :)

starry eyed said...

I like the feminist stuff you write. There are enough women (and men) willing to call a spade a spade, and I really get strengthened reading blogposts about the very basic stuff that we're all mixed up about! You go, girl!

starry eyed said...

Oops, I meant there AREN'T enough women and men ready to speak the bald scary truth! Also like your posts about abuse...should scare us all into reality.

Unmana said...

Doli: It's Friends of Children, actually. I'm glad you like reading about it: I sure have a lot of fun doing it!

starry eyed: That's some of the most heartfelt stuff I write: things that I see everyday and I want passionately to change. Yet things wear me down sometimes... I wish the world wasn't so very different from the ideal in my head.

Sumedha said...

I like the way you write about your daily life in an interesting way. Every time I sit down to write about random events, I always stop midway because I can never make it sound interesting enough for anyone to want to read. I like your feminist writings, I like reading about The Guy.

I like your blog. Please do keep writing. :)

Chicu said...

why do we come here? to visit, of course!
we like your writing, unmana. And we love your perspective on life. do keep writing.

dipali said...

It's not just what you say, Unmana, it's how you say it! I started reading your blog after your post on Ultraviolet, a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Unleash yourself, lady, and indulge!
Blogs are a forum for the "I" in you!

Pallavi said...

I really like your writing :)

Unmana said...

Sumedha: Do I? I wonder too, every time I'm writing about my life, whether anyone would be interested.

Dipali: Oh, I'm glad you liked that! Most of the comments seemed to think that was such a radical view to take, and yet... I think it makes perfect sense.

All: Thanks. I may not write as often as I used to, but I definitely won't stop altogether!

Gayatri said...

- the feminism
- the simplicity
- the likeness
- mere curiosity :)
- is what makes me come back
- but a blog will have life only if one really wants to voice out
- and not blog for the sake of blogging
- I believe your blogs are ones that vent out and express what's in ur mind and heart and so there is life
- blog on gal..when U want to that is :D

Pallavi Sharma said...

A. You write well.
B. Your very clear thoughts about what a partner should be--I just stopped short of printing "" on a shiny greeting card paper and sending it off to everyone I know and then some. Wish I could save it as a reminder for my next life!

Unmana said...

Gayatri: Thanks, but what exactly do you mean by curiosity? You mean you want to know what I've written this time? Or you want to know more about my life?

simplypallu: I always had these ideas on what a partner should be, but I was told I was being unrealistic so often that I almost believed it. But then I met the Guy, and every belief was vindicated.

And if you come to think about it, it shouldn't be that difficult now, should it? It needs patience though, and a willingness to make mistakes. Smaller mistakes than the one of marrying the wrong partner.

Your last line makes me so sad.

~G said...

Clarity of thought and way of writing.

Gayatri said...

- both :b
- sheesh do I sound rather nosy?
- but its more to do with the relating-to bit...the likeness
- am at peace when I read other blogs that mirror my views
- ur one of them