Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Have Been Interviewed

... again.

Read it here. This time, I reveal more about myself, such as my weird dislike of onions and my obsessive watching of Friends.

Now what else do you want to know?


Pallavi said...

Hey Unmana!! Happy new year!
Congratulations on being interviewed :)
I loved Vicky Christina Barcelona too!

Banno said...

Good read. I just finished Agatha Christie's autobiography and think I would have loved to meet her too.

~G said...

Congratulations! You are really famous. :)
Nice read.

Nitu Saksena said...

Hey Unmana! Happy new year!
Nice to know more about u in the interview.. do well. Best wishes for future :)

Unmana said...

Pallavi: Happy new year to you too.

Banno: Yes, I've read that too. I think she was a little Victorian in her views - but yet, what an interesting mind.

G: :-D Next I shall be making celebrity appearances in Page 3 parties!

NuttyNits: Thank you.