Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Year Is Ending

And what a year it has been! In spite of my quitting my job early on and spending much of my time at home, the days just seemed to fly past.

This year seemed characterised by two things: travel and meeting people. I have done more of each than in most years. And the two went simultaneously, too: unlike other years, this is the first in which the Guy and I haven't taken a vacation with only the two of us.

In January, we went to Guwahati to visit my mom. We also met my niece for the first time and celebrated her second birthday. We made friends with her, and she now regularly asks to speak to mahi (aunt). One of my most emotional moments of the year came when the Guy and I arrived late at her birthday (because we were picking up the cake my mom had forgotten) and there she was near the gate, in her father’s arms. As soon as she saw me, she squealed, “Mahi!” and leaned forward, holding out her arms to me, almost jumping off her father’s arms and into mine.

The next few months were relatively uneventful. I was stressed out by my job and it was making me ill. I finally quit in May.

Also in May, we went to the annual Friends of Children camp in a small town nearby, and on our way back we took a detour and visited a lovely vineyard restaurant.

In June, I travelled to a small town in Madhya Pradesh to attend a friend’s wedding. That brings to mind that weddings might be another theme for this year. We attended one in Guwahati, there was this one in Hoshangabad, and we travelled to Delhi for another this month.

In July, we visited Effe and the Man-Friend in Bangalore. We also met an old childhood friend of mine and his wife – whom I had never met – and ran into two of my old colleagues.

In September, we went to Rajkot, Gujarat, where the Guy’s parents live.

In October, we went on what’s become our annual trip, to Goa.

And in December, we went to Delhi.

I don’t know what the next year will bring. And given my near-absolute failure at achieving any of last year’s goals, I won’t set any this year. Especially as, despite all that failure, this has probably been my happiest year ever.

Happy new year, all! See you on the other side!


Gayatri said...

- That's an eventful year u had gal
- Hope you have a happier 2010 :)

Sumedha said...

I'm glad your year was good. I don't know whether mine was or not.. I tend to look at a year as two separate semesters (at least, I have this year) and last semester was definitely not good.

Do you do New Year resolutions usually? I'm doing semester resolutions now.. make decisions and resolutions at times when I think I need them, rather than when they're popularly done.

Unmana said...

Gayatri: Wish you the same.

Sumedha: I think your idea makes much more sense. I do that, yes. I don't normally do New Year resolutions, but last year we decided we need to make some improvements in our lives and the Guy and I agreed on some goals. And we didn't bother looking at the paper we wrote them on since.

Anonymous said...

happy new year..and maybe i should also do a year end post :-)

Chicu said...

Happy new year, Unmana.
heres to many adventures ahead!

Anonymous said...

Wish you very happy new year!

starry eyed said...

Happy new year Unmana, great to have 'met' you, hope you have many more wonderful merry travels and meet more amazing people!

Unmana said...

lostonthestreet: Do!

chicu: Wish you the same. And congratulations!

hamactor: Wish you a very happy year ahead too.

starry eyed: Thank you. May you have a lovely year.