Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Am Back Home

... and don't seem to have been much missed, going by the number of comments on my last post.

As you may have guessed, I couldn't get internet access after that post. And I came home to find something wrong with the internet here too. And the GuyDad isn't completely recovered yet, so the visits to clinics continue. Hence the long posts on Delhi will have to wait.

But the vacation was awesome. Seriously, it was the first vacation from which I didn't want to come back. I didn't do most of the sight-seeing I wanted to, but I did lots of other fun things, such as:
  • I met a number of blog friends: Aishwarya, the Mad Momma, Aneela and Chandni. This was somewhat surreal, this juxtaposition of the virtual and real worlds. As you might have guessed, I had never met blog friends before (except for simplypallu, who's actually a friend of Effe and thus not strictly a blog friend). It was great meeting people whom I already knew I had something in common with.
  • Attended the wedding. This, after all, was the reason why we'd gone. Two very dear friends were getting married, and what made the occasion even more significant was that the groom's family was almost entirely absent, and we took the place of family. It was a lovely Punjabi wedding, with bling, booze, good food and dancing. Fun!
  • We did something all of us had looked forward to. We went to the India Gate one evening, the day after the wedding: the bride and the groom, the Guy and me, and one other friend. It was beautiful.
  • We partied! The groom kept booze handy in his hotel room, to get some liquid courage whenever he needed it (which was a couple of times a day). The night after the wedding, we went out for drinks and dinner.
  • I met two old friends, one of whom had been a very dear friend of both of us, but with whom we had begun to lose touch. We reconnected and reforged ties.
  • I also met my first boss, and gaped at the old office building, now radically transformed, because it had been under construction when I had worked there.
  • We visited our bschool again, and had chai in the canteen.
  • We went for parathas near Fore (the bschool). It was night, and getting cold and the hot buttery parathas were just heavenly. The company too, was perfect: just me and the Guy and the aforementioned old friend: it was just like old times, only better.
  • We went shopping in Janpath yesterday! And in Dilli Haat too, the day before. We couldn't make Sarojini Nagar, but I think we did enough shopping anyway.
Most of all, this trip seemed to be about relationships. I met blog friends, met old friends, met a bunch of nice people (the bride's family), and gained a new brother (because the pandit at the wedding turned me into an impromptu sister, and given that the groom is one of my favourite people, it seemed quite right).

Delhi seemed so familiar, so inviting. I wished I had more time. I hope I can go back soon.


Pallavi Sharma said...

Let's drink to good vacations! I'm about to go on mine, but I doubt I'll enjoy half as much as you did, coz my MIL seems to be hatching a plan to make us meet a thousand and one relatives in the two days we are in Gwalior. Then they'll come here with us for a month.
I've been under a pile of work that needs to be finished before I go on leave, which is why I couldn't make it to the FoC event too :( And now, am nursing an injured foot (don't ask!)... hoping it will be well enough by tomorrow evening to board the train! Groan.

Unmana said...

simplypallu: Well, I seem to have caught the flu. And the GuyDad isn't well yet. I echo your groan.

starry eyed said...

It is truly surreal meeting blogfriends who already know some of your deepest thoughts! But nice!

Gayatri said...

- wow good u had a break
- I guess all of us sort of come in and out of blog life when the real life takes over
- my dad's surgery is done with and he is ok now...but needs heaps of rest...
- I might be going to Delhi in Jan ..any tips on what to shop for...and where