Friday, December 18, 2009

The Delhi Wedding - I

...was the most fun. wedding. ever. Including mine, because I could actually sit back and enjoy things instead of obsessing over them.

First off, the bridegroom missed his flight. It was on the evening before the sangeet, and due to a conjugation of circumstances, including a late cab, a detour demanded by one of the travellers, and a traffic jam, the three travellers found themselves stranded in a cab in a traffic jam less than an hour before the flight time. So the three people got their substantial bags off the cab, crossed the street and squeezed their substantial selves (including the aforementioned substantial luggage) into one autorickshaw. The autorickshawwallah very competently proceeded to get them to the airport fifteen minutes before the flight time. Upon which they found out that the airline had sold off their tickets. Why three very smart individuals had not thought of calling up the airline to inform them they were on their way beats me: and I decided that suggesting it after the fact would not earn me any brownie points.

On all the flights that were going to Delhi that night, there was one available seat, and the bridegroom got on it, while the others returned home and postponed their trip till the next morning.

The bridegroom tells me this very entertaining story soon after I arrive at the hotel (from Gurgaon, remember?). His prospective father-in-law being a police officer, we get visits from sundry men in plain clothes (whose build and moustaches loudly proclaim them to be policemen), bowing politely and hoping all is well and asking to be informed if anything is not. The bridegroom is busy on the phone and barely nods at them, so it falls to me to smile and assure them that everything is perfect.

Now, since "the bridegroom" is a mouthful, and he is the star of this (and one or two subsequent) posts, let's call him Veeru. That, of course, makes the bride Basanti.

Now Veeru is dedicated to his work. Some might even call him obsessed. So that, when it is time for us to get ready for the sangeet, he is sending work emails on his laptop until we remind him of his priorities.

And then he is nervous at the thought of meeting so many people - because, while the baraat (the groom's party) is just the few of us friends, the bride's family will be present in full strength. He downs a strong drink - and the rest of us, of course, actively support him.

The Guy arrives (from his client meeting) just in time and we all set out together.

We leave merely half an hour later than we had expected - but we had failed to account for Delhi's evening traffic. It takes us an hour and a half to reach the venue.

But we are amply entertained by our recollections of Delhi. And by the sights that Delhi has to offer. I leave you with one, which fascinated us and prompted us to discuss for some time on the whys and hows and wherefores.


Aneela Z said...

please dont take your time posting part II...this is no Dilli traffic you know.

Unmana said...

Tomorrow: unless BSNL or MSEB intervene.

You look very different in real life than how you look in this pic. Maybe it's the hair.

Aneela Z said...

oh the pic is from the preggers a haggard mom now!!

Anonymous said...

Oh la, whatever is that now?? I've not seen that part of Delhi :O

Unmana said...

unsungpsalm: Ah, there's always so much to see in Delhi!