Monday, November 16, 2009

International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: November 25

Read this article (hat tip: Deborah) on how violence against women is a problem that is far from a solution. Read it to understand why feminism is so relevant. I write against sexism, subtle and blatant, but one horrendous result of the sexism and misogyny prevalent in the world is violence against and harassment of women and girls.

What shall we do on November 25 to mark our protest at the ongoing violence against women? I suggest writing a post (or a comment here, if you don't have a blog) at some act of violence you have witnessed, or endured.

Let us talk about this. Let it not get shoved under the carpet, let it not remain a 'women's issue'. Crimes of violence committed against a billion people is not a 'women's issue', even if all those people are women and girls. What does it say for our world if we allow this to happen?

Blog against violence. Blog for equality.

If you plan to participate, do put in a comment below.


dipali said...

I will!

Unmana said...

Great, dipali. I'll look forward to your post. Do put in a comment when you're done: I'll put up a link here.

Masood said...

Count me in

Unmana said...

Masood: I'm glad!

Nitu Saksena said...

I'm game

Anonymous said...

25th November. I will write a post. I agree we should all blog about this.