Thursday, October 15, 2009

And This... what I got for my birthday.

The sad part: I am through three and a quarter of them already. They won't last much longer.


Sukhaloka said...


Maria said...

My mom at 53 yrs is still a big Harry Potter fan and has read each one so many times over...Gosh! I still wonder...
You enjoy ur gift and I wish bdays came more than once a year (of course without the age meter rising :)

Sumedha said...

I LOVE HARRY POTTER! I still reread the entire series nearly every time I go home.

And how did you manage to get hold of the Scholastic versions? I have the Bloomsbury versions of the last three books, and I really want the scholastic, they're so much prettier. :)

And happy birthday. :)

Unmana said...

Suki: I am! :-D

M@ria: But then they wouldn't be so special, would they?

Sumedha: I'm so glad. I had a friend telling me I was weird for choosing this as my birthday gift. Well, I know I am, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it being pointed out.

We ordered from I love that site: free shippng, and discounts on most books. I actually think the Bloomsbury ones look nicer, got this because it was cheaper, and I care more about reading them than looking at them. Unfortunately the last one is Bloomsbury, so they don't match. They haven't come out with a set of all 7 yet. I waited for two years so I could buy all of them in paperback - wasn't going to wait any longer.

Pallavi Sharma said...

I have the 6-book set too, and the separate, 7th one in hard-cover. All packed and kept nicely in my cupboard. What to do, I had read all of them before I could get my hands on the almost-complete stack.
The brand new set will be opened and read again, though! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sumedha said...

I enjoy reading them more than looking at them too, but I don't know... somehow, the feel of reading the Scholastic versions is different from reading the Bloomsbury versions. And thanks for the tip: I shall check out the website. :)

Dr. Ally Critter said...

but they are worth every bit!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL I started reading them when my kids first asked for them... :)

I read somewhere there were objections to the witches and wizards having such good PR :)

A very Happy Brthday (belated)to you :)

Anonymous said...

Am I jealous or what?!!!

Though am done reading the entire series, I'd sell my right arm for the entire collection :)

Have fun. Its one of the best book series ever :)

Unmana said...

simplypallu: I'd read them all too, but not like this, all at one go. This is delicious.

Sumedha: Yes, I know what you mean. The Scholastic ones seem more... different, special.

@l@nkr1ta: Of course.

IHM: (Belated) thanks to you! You know, when they started becoming popular way back, I read one (the first, I think) and didn't get what the deal was. But much later, I read "The Order of the Phoenix": I think that's the one where things start getting serious and it's less of a children's series.

momofrs: I wouldn't sell my right arm, no, but I did lust after it for over two years before finally getting it!