Saturday, August 15, 2009

An Independence Day Post

Happy independence day to all us Indians!

Look what I finally got this year! I mooched it off my mom on our last visit. It's small, and somewhat old and tired-looking, but I like it even more for all that.

What reminded me that it was Independence Day when I woke up this morning were the patriotic songs playing loudly outside. I like the kiddie ones - "Nanha munha rahi" and "Insaaf ki dagar pe" and "De dee humein aazadi", but I can do without hearing "Mere desh ki dharteeeeeeeeeeeee" at any time of the year. (I also like "Bande mein tha dum" but they haven't played it yet.)

It's hard to be patriotic though, when you see what kind of idiots this country is infested with. Last night on the news we saw very enthusiastic Janmashthami celebrations in Pune. (I couldn't find the video, and I'm afraid I don't even remember which channel.) The journalist asked if it was wise to have so many people gather when the H1N1 virus is spreading so dangerously, and the man (an organiser? or just one of the revellers?) said that since no one, including the doctors, could figure out how to check the menace, they had come to ask Lord Krishna to protect them from the flu. Well, I suppose he won't go to the doctor if he does get it, but stay home and pray to Lord Krishna.

It made me extremely angry that with all the talk of shutting down the city, that such celebrations were allowed to continue. On TV we saw people wearing masks and dancing together. Yeah, that's gonna help you, you idiots! Rub shoulders against as many people as you can: you're protected if you're wearing a mask!


Maitreyee said...

I remember when we were living in the old officer's colony in Guwahati Club, almost all balconies would have the flag hoisted two days every year. It continued for a few years in Chandmari.. and I didn't realize when I gave up doing it.

This time around I did too, hoist the tri-colour, after many years.

I got I kick doing it :D

Other than me only the kids in our locality seemed enthusiastic about it!

Unmana said...

You know, I remembered to put it up, but forgot to take it down before we went out in the evening! It was only when we were out that I remembered you're supposed to take it down at sunset. :-(

Maitreyee said...

I almost forgot too.

I thankfully remembered in time and convinced Tublu to turn back, though that meant taking it down a bit early.

Unmana said...

Ah, you turned back! I'm not as conscienteous or patriotic as all that!