Monday, August 03, 2009

I Am Tired of Waiting for You...

I am tired of waiting for you to become the person I want you to be.
I am tired of reaching out only to get burnt each time.
I am tired of inventing excuses for you; of waiting for you to come around.
I am tired of remembering the friend who could have been.
I am tired of being blamed for what's not my fault.
I am tired of giving you yet another chance, when you don't trust me at all.
I am tired of imagining that you know me. That what we have is special.
I am tired of telling myself fairy stories. So now I'm going to stop.

Call me when you grow up, I said.
But I know you never will.


Praveen VS said...

Hey Good one. Each and every one can relate it to themselves at some point or the other

Unmana said...

I suppose you're right: I didn't really think about that. I wrote about how I was feeling!

Sumedha said...

I definitely can relate to that. I would give certain people I know the link if I thought they would get the hint at all!