Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Mad House

There is many a momma
Who is a little mad,
But there's just one Mad Momma
And just one OA-dad.

There is a noisy little Brat
Who'll charm you out of your wits;
A Bean who now talks oh so pat:
They love each other to bits.

The MM is blogging a rant,
The OA watching the new TV,
The Bean is chasing an ant,
And the Brat runs around all the three.

That's the Mad House and those that in it dwell:
How do I know? That I never shall tell!


Gauri said...

Lovely :) And you've captured the essence of "The Mad House" so well :)

Unmana said...

Gauri: Thank you. That's exactly what I tried to do - to put together a picture her regular readers will recognise.

Suki said...

LOL! I love this :)

dipali said...

Yes- that's the Mad House to a T! Really cool, Unmana!

Unmana said...

Suki, Dipali: Thanks!

Unknown said...

Very nice Unmana . I like it . And from the little I know about seeing the Mad Family in their habitat , you've got them down to a T

Unknown said...

awesome..very well written :)

starry-eyed said...

cute and apt! good timing:)

Anonymous said...

cute poem :)
Mad House seems to be just like this
you have captured it just so..

Unmana said...

Thank you, all! I was hoping the MM's readers - and MM herself, of course - would like it...

Anusha said...

LOL! cute!

Pallavi Sharma said...

Not fair that you don't let us in on the secret. Did you get to visit?

Unmana said...

Pallu: I cheated on that line - there's no secret. The poem's just based on her blog, no 'insider' information!