Friday, April 10, 2009

A Writer Needs Her Experiences

Hey, I say to the Guy:
How can I write without having different experiences?
I have only ever slept with you,
I say, as I snuggle up to him.
How can I write about different smells,
different bodies,
what some man might do
after he rolls off her
or whether they talk through it
like you and I do...
How can I write
about the exploring fingers
of any other man?


D said...

And what does The Guy say, I'd like to know :)

Unmana said...

Ah, the Guy is eminently reasonable and virtually unshockable. His response was too tame to publish!

dipali said...

Imagination, my dear, imagination:)

Dr. Ally Critter said...

Imagination mostly! But seriously good stuff.

Unmana said...

Dipali and Alankrita: You know, they do say, write about what you know best!