Sunday, April 12, 2009

To the Lady Downstairs

I appreciate that you're trying to bring up your little son
Instead of sending him to playschool
But I am fed up of nursery rhymes
And please don't play 'Lakdi ka kathi' one more time.

I don't want to say you scream
Because that may be just how you talk
But have you ever heard yourself?
Do you know you are loud?

It was entertaining to hear the couple's fight
When my TV wasn't working
But now it's been fixed:
Would you keep that in mind, please?

I know children are noisy
But your child really isn't
I never hear his voice
Except when he responds to you.

And I know it's difficult to get a child to bathe
But do you really - all three of you
Have to shout in the bathroom just below mine
At nine-thirty on a Sunday morning?


Banno said...

Maybe you should email them this! Or better still, put a print-out in their letter box.

Unmana said...

Well, I thought of that, but what if it pissed her off and she decided to show her irritation by being louder?

D said...

Uff, bad neighbours are sometimes worse than bad relatives :P

dipali said...

Phew. Sounds tough:(

Nitu Saksena said...

Why don't you start singing with them as loud as they are or even more. They might realise that they already taught you enough rhymes!!

Unmana said...

D: Well, you can stay away from relatives, but how do you stay away from neighbours?

Dipali: Thanks for the sympathy!

NuttyNits: The drawback in that scheme is sound carries better upwards than it does downwards. But thanks for your first comment here, and for blogrolling me!

Nitu Saksena said...

Yeah didn think bout that.. then probably u can dance to their rhymes ;)

You are most welcome.. I alwways enjoy reading ur blog.