Saturday, April 04, 2009

Summer Heat

The heat is overwhelming. It seeps into everything. The chairs feel warm through my clothes when I sit on them. The sheets are too warm to sleep on. Even the floor, when my bare foot touches it, greets me with warmth.

I sweat incessantly. I think of showering, but what’s the point? I’ll feel the same fifteen minutes after I’m done.

I am surprised that everything hasn’t grinded to a halt. That things go on as usual. Don’t they feel the heat, those people in the buses and the cars and the bikes and walking along the street? How can they talk in this heat, and cook, and work, and make love?

How long will it take for the summer to pass by? If I just sit here in my room, doing nothing for long enough, will it have ended by the time I open my window again?

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Praveen VS said...

in Bangalore too its almost the same case.....worst it yet to come thats the papers said today