Friday, April 24, 2009

No, I Did Not Vote.

And I've never voted in my life. 

There, I said it. And I am really ashamed of it. I've never got my name in any voters' registration list: the last few years I have been moving around too often to be able to do so. I really wanted to vote this time, and tried out the website. (That's a fantastic website, isn't it? I have to remember to always buy Tata Tea!) 

But you're supposed to have stayed at least six months at the same place before applying, and at the time it had only been a month or two since we'd moved to our new flat. So I decided to wait. I tried again recently, and put in six months anyway. I downloaded my form, but I fell ill just around that time, so forget dropping it off. (I doubt I would have gone to vote even if I had got registered, though, I have no wish to stand in a queue with my health still a bit shaky.)

But I'm determined to try harder next time. I'm aiming to apply to get on the voters' list sometime this year. (And I'm noting this here so that you can shame me if I don't.)

What about you? Did you vote? Did you use the jaagore website? Do you think there'll be more people voting this year because of jaagore?


D said...

My city is yet to go to polls. But I did use the jaagore website and yes, it's awesome! I downloaded the form, filled it in, got the required documents photostated but couldn't remember to submit it before the last date for registration! However, I was so determined to get my name on the voter's list, I managed to submit the form in the nick of time and though I did not expect to get a voter ID card, I did!

Yay! I'm going to be voting!!

Praveen VS said...

Was stunned to read that u have never voted. But I am feeling lil better since u wish to correct it by next time.

anyhow yes the blue ink on my left index finger is dark enough to suggest I voted :)

Unmana said...

D: Good for you!

Praveen: Yeah, sad, isn't it? In my defense, I've always wanted to, but could never manage to get my name on a voters' list.

Pallavi Sharma said...

Haven't voted for the same reason. A little worse, actually. I simply wasn't aware enough of the election schedule to get the ID done in time. Will try for the next set. Plz to share your knowledge with me over phone... where to apply and how to go about it. Yes, I'm a lame, lazy ass. Will call you :D

Unmana said...

Pallu: Just try the Jaagore website. The little I know, I learned from there.

I was just thinking this morning that it's been ages since we spoke!