Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Books Find a Home

I usually buy 3-4 books a month, plus I had some books that I had brought over from my earlier home in Guwahati. We had got a cane rack to place them in, but they soon outgrew it, and kept filling up boxes in our home. 

Now finally, after we have found ourselves a resting place, so have our books:

There are two layers of books on each shelf, one layer stacked up behind the one that you see. And we chose a few to donate/throw away. I am wondering what I will do when I buy any more! (The Guy just reminded me we have a few more books lying with friends.) I suppose we'll have to make the hard decision to let a few more go... We just don't want them lying in boxes any more.

They look so happy in their new home!

On another note, we have already got 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9 of this list. Not too bad even if I say so myself!

Dipali, will this pass for your photo tag?


Pallavi Sharma said...

I've been wanting a book case for so long! The hubby's been busy trolling the net for bookcase ideas, and we even have short-listed a few, but we're keeping it on hold for a while. Till I can make sure the shelves are at least half-full. My maternal grandpa ran a small library but most of those were distributed among his 6 children, and the ones I am going to inherit from mom are still with her. My own collection is pretty much nothing as compared to yours.
Congratulations on ticking off most of that list! :)

Unmana said...

Pallu: The biggest reason we didn't get one earlier was we didn't have the space for it. I wish you luck with your search!

dipali said...

I suppose it will!
Such a happy looking bookshelf:)
Our house tends to overflow with books- never enough proper place for them all, and new ones insist on getting added to our collection.
Great that you guys have achieved a significant number of items from your wish list!

Unmana said...

Dipali: I meant to do the tag properly, but the picture that made it was a photo of friends that I shouldn't put up here. So I substituted this.