Monday, February 09, 2009

For Valentine's Day

Why does the world celebrate a day of love?
Does not every couple have their own milestones to celebrate?
The day they met, the day they decided to be together…
Why sweep that shared history aside
for a bit part in a mass celebration?

This year, we are having friends over.
Celebrating friendships,
Celebrating our new home,
And – as always – celebrating our togetherness.
But that doesn’t need a day, or a name.

Yet I want to celebrate this day
to defy those goons who say
That love is filthy, that intimacy is a sin.
Who think they have the right to dictate
What I should wear, where I should be.

So go out, fill the pubs:
Wear pink, wear less, kiss, hug
Rant, speak, march, blog.
For our right to be in love - and in lust.
This day, and any other day.

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