Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three Years with the Guy

It has been three years! It does seem very long away, that time.

You had come over to meet me, at my insistence. I was overtaken by this urge to see you. We had spoken so much over the phone, grown so close. I remembered the friend I had had a year ago. but he had been reserved, restrained. Who was this guy who unfolded to me the secrets of his soul? I have to see you, I insisted. We need to meet, to decide where this is going.

Do you remember that cool, windy day? You were waiting for me as I arrived. It was early in the morning, and we had nowhere to go. So we sat on the stairs at the mall and talked.

Well, not so much. I was shy and you were nervous. You wondered why I was so quiet. It was difficult for me to reconcile the person sitting next to me with the friend I spoke to every day or even the friend I had known a year earlier. But then you made me laugh, and I saw both those friends in you again.

How magical that weekend was. We were together as we had never been before. We realised we wanted to be together that way, that we had walked beyond the boundaries of friendship.

Was it only three years ago? it seems like forever. We have come so far since then. There is less excitement now, perhaps. But there is also less fear and no doubt. Yet, so little has changed. We still talk for hours everyday. Life doesn’t seem worthwhile without that. And you can still make me laugh.

Three years ago, he had got me orchids. This time, I got these.


mindspace said...
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Praveen VS said...

Congrats for 3year with the Guy...its seems like u have been together for ever. I feel so happy when you write things abt Guy.
My wished are always there with you both. God bless you both :)

Unmana said...

"makes me feel u met ur guy thru a matrimonial site.." Oh my, how did you get that idea?

I'm flattered you want to like me. Thanks!

Praveen: Thanks a lot. I feel like we've been together forever too!

mindspace said...

wasn't i right?

Unmana said...

Not in the least. I suppose you missed the reference to "the friend I had known a year earlier"?

mindspace said...

well, in that case as well your sweet post leaves me feeling pleasant! touch wood :)

Pallavi Sharma said...

Lovely! Wish you many more years of happy-togetherness.

Doli said...

It is so nice to read your blog about The Guy and how you both met up :) May God bless you both

Unmana said...

Correction: In my first comment above, I meant "link". Yeah yeah, Freudian slip, you might say.

Pallu and Doli - thank you! Doli - I think this is your first comment. Welcome!