Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Ad on Religious Conversion

...aired before my movie yesterday. Actually, it was an ad against conversion, and blatantly set forth the lie that trying to convert is an offence. It called for citizens to report to the police when such an act occurs.

The freedom to practise and propagate one's religion is a right guaranteed by the constitution.

Nowhere in the ad was there any mention of 'force' or 'coercion'.


Indian Home Maker said...

Shocking!! Which channel was this? No PIL against this ad yet?
Is the ad available on You Tube? Gosh this is making me so angry!

I had come to say, that you have been tagged ... to write on what you never... it's called "I never".

Unmana said...

IHM: It was at the Inox cinema, not on TV. I was so shocked, too. Too shocked to actually rant about it much here.