Monday, September 08, 2008

An Adventure

I was walking home from office this evening, at some time past nine. A man ahead of me was acting a bit weird. He shouted to a boy on a cycle, calling him idiot and telling him to stop. I assumed he must have his reasons, and walked on. I tried to pass him once or twice, but he would suddenly move to the side, so I stepped back. Then he bumped into another man walking in the opposite direction, and while they both got their bearings I took the chance to move past him.

He began to apologise loudly. "Sorry, madam. Madam, it was not my intention..." and so on. I walked on, not bothering to look back, as he hadn't anything to apologize for and I suspected he was intoxicated.

But he kept on. Soon enough, he changed his tune, offering to accompany me home. All this was quite loud, because I was walking at least a few paces ahead of him. I walked on steadily, not wanting to risk a confrontation right there where the road wasn't well lit.

Then he said something to do with "moti" (fatty) - probably something like come here, though I don't really remember. He said it again.

By then we were near some shops and there were quite a few people around, including young people (which makes me feel much safer somehow). I suddenly stopped, turned around, and said roughly, "Kisse baat kar rahe ho tum?" (Who are you talking to?)

He looked frightened, shook his head and kept walking. I said it again, and swung the bag I was holding - it contained my lunchbox, and would have caused satisfactory damage if I had needed to make contact.

He ran.

I walked on. I saw him turn inside a gate nearby, and kept my eye on him while I walked. He didn't look back, and I walked on in peace.

For some time, I debated whether I should have hit him. Rather a moot point, for I doubt if I could have brought myself to do it. But after the first flush of anger subsided, I decided I had done enough for now.

And the over-a-kilometre-long walk didn't even tire me (as it usually does)! Maybe it was the excitement?


Indian Home Maker said...

Scary ...But the moment that idiot realised you were bold and there were other people, he ran away. I wish he was caught and thrashed. You did enough for one confrontation...
Did you see his face? He must have been drunk, but even drunk he was blocking your God I am soooo angry!

chandu said...

what a creep!

I am glad u at least confronted him....all these assholes only act brave when a woman is alone on a deserted street.

Show them some public and they run with thweir tail between their legs

Unmana said...

IHM: Yeah, I did see his face, though I'm not sure I would recognise him again. I only saw his face for a few seconds when I turned around to confront him.

He didn't seem to be blocking my way deliberately, but what he did later was pure harrasment.

Chandu: Indeed! It wasn't a deserted street though - there were quite a few people around, at least later, where I confronted him. That's why I think he was drunk: a person in his senses wouldn't do something so reckless.

Thanks for the support, both of you!