Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dialogue - II

I know who cooks in your house.
You do? Who does? I didn’t know it was a deep dark secret!
Your husband cooks.
Yeah, sometimes he does. And sometimes…
I know he does.
And nothing.
So who cooks in your house?
I do, of course.
Always? All of it?

Oh. That must be so hard on you.
Oh, but it must be horrible doing something you hate that much!

No… I don’t hate cooking…
You don’t? You like it?
Sometimes. Though it’s a pain to cook every day. And I don’t trust my husband to cook.
You don’t feel mean depriving your husband of the pleasure?
Oh, men don’t cook. Normally…
(drawing away from the food on the table) Oh… I cook with my… hands.

Note: this is fiction, though I wish it wasn't. The first Dialogue is here. I tried to do it without any description/explanation, but I felt the words in parentheses in the last line were necessary.


Dr. Ally Critter said...

continuation of the piece

Mine cooks
Oh he does- thats soooo nice- long appraising look at said husband.
Yes don't you be eying him, you minx you, house train yours.

Could not help it

Unmana said...

Alankrita: And is yours fiction? ;-)