Sunday, July 20, 2008

Of Scarves, Bullets, and Criminals

How sad is it when my city's new police commissioner boasts about being eager to shoot criminals? When he doesn't even fear public opinion enough to keep such bloodthirsty thoughts to himself, and publicly avow trust in the rule of law, in the system of which he is supposed to be a tool?

I don't know if it's funny or sad that he wants to ban women on two-wheelers to covering their faces with scarves. He doesn't want to make the use of helmets compulsory for two-wheeler riders, mind. He just wants to prevent women from wearing scarves. While I don't understand the custom either, I don't see what kind of security risk he assumes this poses.


Indian Home Maker said...

Yes I was disappointed by his wish to ban women on two wheelers from wearing scarves too. Two wheeler riders are exposed to pollution, dust and sun and scarves are the most effective protection. We did the same when we were in college to protect our hair, skin and lungs. Government should try not to RULE but to govern. I hope Pune city does not let him get away with this.
Is he doing this because he thinks that girls can get away with gallivanting without being recognised? Well he should know this is India not Saudi Arabia. I support wearing of helmets, but I am against such controls on girls...what about anti pollution masks? And veils/burqua? And men covering their faces (many do) the same way?

Unmana said...

Indeed. I agree with you. It seems totally pointless and arbitrary.