Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Rains

The rains have come again. When I walked in from the gate to my office, droplets sprayed on me and the wind blew my hair about my face. I did not take shelter but walked on, enjoying the weather: the gentle coolness so welcome after many weeks of the harsh sun. If I hadn't been wearing such businesslike clothes and been so near my workplace, I might have been tempted to stop and dance. Ah, I was tempted anyway. And I thought of our balcony and wished I could have been there with the Guy, watching the rain and talking away...

I wrote the above yesterday, and today I am at home, having called in sick. And I'm glad I'm not too ill to enjoy the weather, to sit by my window and read the Lord of the Rings that the Guy gifted me, and enjoy the breeze. Too bad it's not raining...


Moonstruck Girl said...


Congrats on your new job :) I liked the pointers you had listed out in your previous blog :)

As for rains, I enjoy them the most when I am not on my way to work and am not concentrating on keeping myself dry :)


Unmana said...

True enough. It's not got that bad here yet, which is why I'm enjoying it.

And thanks. :-)

Emma said...

I hope you are feeling better.

The more I read you, the more I realize how much we share in common. This is exactly what I would have done - sing and dance in the rain. Remember as kids what we would do - see a pool of water, we couldn't resist the temptation to go and jump even if we are wearing our brand new bata shoes? Wonder where that spontaneity is gone!

Unmana said...

Thanks. I'm glad I know you!

But you know what? When I was much younger, I wouldn't have dared to dance in the rain - I was way too self-conscious. I find myself shedding more inhibitions as I grow older and more comfortable with myself.