Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Announcement: The 60th Carnival of Feminists

is going to be right here!

The Carnival of Feminists is usually held every second Wednesday, and features recent feminist posts from around the blogosphere.

I have been following the carnival for the last couple of years, and have learned a lot from it. It has helped widen my perspective on feminist issues, and made me glad that there are so many women around the world who identify themselves as feminists and apply feminist principles to their lives.

So it is a great honour for me to host the carnival. Please send in your submissions to unmana AT gmail DOT com with the subject "The Carnival of Feminists - Submission". For more details about the carnival, go here.

And come back on July 9th to join the carnival!


Moonstruck Girl said...

Hi Unmana,

I am not a feminist blogger myself :) But it is nice to be introduced to something like this.
I will try and write something :)

Banno said...

Hi. Good luck with hosting the Carnival. Will definitely come back for more. Was glad to see your comment on 'Aamir'. Have been wondering if it was an over-reaction on my part, so am very keen on getting other views.

Unmana said...

Thank you both.

Banno, can I say I'm thrilled to see you here? I've been following your blog surreptiousy for some time.