Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Married

… that I’d never really thought about before I got married. Marriage gives you access to:
  1. Sex on demand
  2. A ready partner to go to movies with, go dancing with, or try out that new restaurant with. In situations when the partner may not be quite so ready, a healthy dose of guilt is usually sufficient to convert them
  3. Someone to blame if anything goes wrong (I told you we should have done it this way. You never listen to me!)
  4. Someone to give you a cuddle when you’re feeling glum
  5. Someone to hold on to at night when you’ve just woken up from a nightmare
  6. Someone who thinks you’re the tops: terrific ego-booster
  7. Someone to cook for you and bring you breakfast in bed (in case of the latter, however rarely)
  8. Someone to cook for. It beats cooking for yourself, and while a steady diet of Maggi noodles may be satisfying, it doesn’t pass as healthy
  9. Someone who will share your journey with you, including your journey of weight gain, so that you can assuage your guilt by looking at them and remembering how skinny they used to be
  10. Someone you can crib to about how annoying your mother is (because you aren’t as disloyal as to crib about her to anyone else)
  11. Someone to egg you on when you are shopping, so that you don’t feel quite so guilty for spending three thousand rupees solely on clothes for yourself
  12. Someone to share with that you find a particular person hot (though it probably isn’t advisable to do this very often)
  13. Someone to call up/walk up to when you absolutely have to talk about something right now
  14. Someone to call up/walk up to when there isn’t particularly anything you want to talk about
  15. Someone whose quirks reassure you that you’re normal


Nilesh said...

Just a coincidence that these two posts are made on April 1st?

Unmana said...

Totally! ;-)