Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Days in Bombay

This was the first time I actually liked Bombay. I'd always been put off earlier, by the crowds, the humid weather, the tall depressing-looking buildings. But this time, the weather was lovely and we spent all our time in the Fort area. We walked around, gazing at the old buildings, walking on the wide pavements (though this was much better in the morning when the crowds hadn't gathered yet), feeling the cool sea breeze against our faces. We had to stay in a small dingy hotel because nothing better seemed to have a room (good idea to always book in advance), but we only stayed in the room to sleep (of which we - as usual - seemed to do a lot) so it wasn't a bother.


anumita said...

Glad you like the place I love so much!

Unmana said...

Guess I just hadn't seen the better side! Next time, I'll get you to show me around.

Indian Home Maker said...

Lovely pictures. I love Bombay!