Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How You Get Here - II

  • "blogspot mumbai female": No, I don't live in Mumbai. And whatever it is, I'm not interested.
  • "words about getting married": I hope you got what you wanted. Don't forget to credit me if you use it further.
  • "best words for a husband": There might be lots of words, but there's no doubt over the best husband, is there?
  • "words of Marraige invitation" (sic): Sorry, can't help there. Didn't send out any.
  • "ajmer shariff was a hindu temple": What next, the Taj Mahal? Oh, you've got there already.
  • "rupam bezbarua": Popular guy, isn't he?
  • "why i love my boss funny": Hold on, there's nothing funny about the way I loved my boss(es)!

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